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Hurricane Emergency Services

Precision Air Systems, Inc. has an established Hurricane Emergency Response Program to assist our Customers in the event of a storm.

Pre-Hurricane Season

At Customer’s request, schedule pre-hurricane season site visit to assess your building’s exterior HVAC equipment and determine necessary precautions to secure equipment to minimize damage and loss.

Pre-Storm Preparations

At Customer’s request, provide service to secure HVAC equipment in preparation of a storm and offer any other assistance to provide protection to A/C equipment.

Post Storm Procedures

Prior to any major storm, our technicians are assigned to specific Customers to perform automatic site visit to their facility as soon as it is safe following the storm.

After the storm, our technician will inspect the Customer’s HVAC equipment, asses any damage and make every effort to get our Customer’s system back online as soon as possible.

Precision Air Systems, Inc. was honored by South Florida Water Management District for our Emergency Response following Hurricanes Francis, Jean and Wilma.